Drawing & Painting : Lines

IMG_9739 IMG_9833 IMG_9834

For these assignments we had to draw according to different aspects of lines. As I was drawing the 5 shapes I wanted to create different values that highlighted the placement to suggest a more 3-D appearance. I also placed the shapes to have the lines flowing and leading to each other so that there is a path for the eye to follow when looking at the drawing. I liked this sphere drawing because it showed the shape well and the lines are not too obstructing but still suggest the intended shape. The shading made it really look like a sphere. My city drawing follows the horizon point and I made the buildings vary in shape, size, and height to make it look more realistic.

Sculpture Cardboard Project

IMG_9810 IMG_9814 IMG_9815 IMG_9813


The first picture is my formative project where we had to construct our own cardboard box and create a flow within it. I am drawn to circles and triangles being contrasted so I immediately thought about a scenery with mountains and a lake covered in lily pads. I tried to re-create this idea of depth in the mountains and in the levels of the lily pads and combining them to create a flow in the box.

The last 3 pictures are viewpoints around my final project in which I wanted to incorporate a scene of nature and elements of it in different perspectives. I drew all the designs for the bush and the snakes by hand which were then scanned and laser printed. It was a very interesting process and they turned out quite well although it was very tedious to make the edges of the drawings very precise. I aimed to create the image of a wild bush housing a colony of snakes within it. From the outside I wanted it to simply look like a dense bush but when looked at form above, the numerous snakes can be seen. I liked creating the various layers of bush branches and the layers of snakes to accentuate the depth of the scene. It was the first time I created art using a laser printer and I was pleased with the end result.

It was a very fun project!

Colorful Prints


This is my final print that I made. While planning it, I knew that I wanted a contrast of hard edges and soft curves which draws more attention to the whole print. I created an initial print of the flower and decided to use the two colors of yellow and teal which look very good paired together. I wanted it to have a flow so I made the flower print into diagonals across the paper. Since there was a significant amount of negative space, I decided to use hard edges of pink kite shapes to create the hard-soft contrast along with a color contrast. With a little addition of red swirls, I filled up the space evenly so that the print could be re-created for something like bedsheets or a beach towel.




This is the first draft of an outline I made while roughly doing a blind contour. It is obviously sharpened a bit while doing this blind contour but for the most part it was blind. I started outlining it with sharpie for better and more visible lines.IMG_7326

This is the second attempt of the portrait with a different approach, I left it more rough and unedited in the blind contouring aspect. It looks much more distorted than my face does (hopefully) and the first attempt. I decided to use the medium of water colors for this portrait but as I was using it, I used too much water with the paint and it seeped into the other colors. I also did not like the color scheme I used so I scrapped this one.IMG_7325

This is the third attempt and the blind contour came out quite well. I decided to use watercolor pencils as the medium to color it in. This was just a draft so I realized that in the future I would not put the shoulder line through the hair.


This is the first portrait I did as a final, I did a new blind contour that I was content with and used the outline. I used watercolor pencil as the medium for color but I didn’t use water over it, I liked the effect the pencil had on it’s own. I was content with the colors I used and how they complemented each other. I also tried to add more depth by making gradients of light to dark with the colors.IMG_8832

This is the second final I did using the same blind contour as the first but flipped. I used watercolors for the coloring and learning from my drafts and practice, I used less water and tried to minimize the color spilling into each other.IMG_8831

This is the third final I did using a different blind contour. For this one I used acrylics to paint it. I used primary colors and complements to create a nice contrast and add more dimension to it. I decided to line it again with sharpie after the paint dried because it made the colors stand out more individually which I liked.

Text Message



This was my first piece for the project that I began with as an outline. I used the letters of my name (spot them if you can!) and mostly primary colors as the basis. IMG_7653

This is the final product when painted, I used acrylic paint and layered it to the right thickness.IMG_8776

This is the final product with the primary colored acrylic paint forming my name. I used purple for the negative space because I felt that that shade of purple made the primary colors stand out.


This was my first draft of my use of the letter “v” to make a design. I used green because I felt like it would be a good monochromatic color scheme.


Eventually I realized that I didn’t like the green color scheme so I combined the monochromatic with the achromatic to create a mixed color effect. I like how the green peeps out of the black and white.


For my last piece I used a couple letters to create a design of colors that are in a triangle formation in the color wheel. This is the beginning of filling in the colors.IMG_8779

This is the final drawing using dry watercolor pencils. The colors work really well together and I like the flow of lines.


This project really tested me on my design skills and use of color. I enjoyed being creative and thinking critically about how to place letters and coloring.

Zentangle Water Color










Stage 1:

After I drew all 4 objects, I traced them and transferred them onto paper and traced them in sharpie. Then I filled the outlines in with blue water color, making sure to alternate the values to create more depth. After the paint dried I began to zentangle and make designs in the empty space.


Stage 2:

IMG_6717I continued to zentangle and fill in the empty space, alternating the types of designs that I used.


Stage 3:



After finishing zentangling the first one, I began my second one and used some of the same objects that I used in the first one but I decided to paint it in a different color of water color and use green instead of blue.

Stage 4:



I finished painting my objects, making sure to use more values to place emphasis on certain parts of certain objects.


STage 5:



I started to zentangle the empty space of the new painting, using triangles and circles and aspects of line to make designs.


Stage 6:


I continued to zentangle and make designs of a variety of shapes and continued to fill out the empty space around the objects.

Stage 7:



I filled out all the empty space and tried using flower designs and circular mandala designs. I tried to keep all my designs as symmetrical and proportional as I could. I also tried to keep a balance of values so that the designs were emphasized. I used harsh edges as well as curves to balance the designs out.

Overall I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I do zentangles for fun in my free time so I was ecstatic to do something I love to do outside of school as well.


3D Text


In this project of creating 3D text I used my pervious knowledge of inserting a picture into photoshop that I used for the tree scene picture and my knowledge of managing separate layers which I used for managing each of the letters of the word leaf. I learned a lot of new stuff using the 3D tool for text which I had never used before. I learned how to make letters and words into the 3D text and how to alter the position of it, the angle it is viewed at, how to add a texture or pattern to it, and how to change the light source. I used all this new knowledge to make the letters of leaf 3D and add a leafy texture to each one. I also spent a lot of time adjusting the light on each letter so that it would fit the light of the sun shining down in the picture. I made each letter in a different position and depth in the picture using the 3D tools as well. Using 3D text is a great way to change up a picture and catch people’s attention so if I ever need to do that I will use these techniques. I would use this new knowledge in the future if I have to do any advertising or any projects that involve 3D elements.

Movie Effects

storm medusataya

In this project of movie effects I brought my learning of being able to use multiple layers to combine aspects of different pictures like the rock/cliff and the sea and the clouds in the storm picture. I also brought my learning of using the paint tool to color the clouds and my knowledge of cloning parts of the picture to make it seem more realistic which I used for the cloud lighting. I also used my knowledge of brushes to use a splash brush on the rock to help the picture seem more realistic and put the lightning in the picture. For the second picture I used my previous knowledge of overlays, adjusting layers individually, making more than one picture into one, and dodging and burning. Something new that I learned was how you can free transform any picture and be able to warp it through a grid which was very helpful for the storm picture around the figure on the rock. I learned that warping can make pictures seem more realistic like adding textures to skin. Going forward I will take my new knowledge of warping to edit how certain parts of pictures look in relation to the whole and use it to create more small cool effects that add to the picture. I could also use that warp to change textures for future additions of texture to skin and surfaces.