Zentangle Water Color










Stage 1:

After I drew all 4 objects, I traced them and transferred them onto paper and traced them in sharpie. Then I filled the outlines in with blue water color, making sure to alternate the values to create more depth. After the paint dried I began to zentangle and make designs in the empty space.


Stage 2:

IMG_6717I continued to zentangle and fill in the empty space, alternating the types of designs that I used.


Stage 3:



After finishing zentangling the first one, I began my second one and used some of the same objects that I used in the first one but I decided to paint it in a different color of water color and use green instead of blue.

Stage 4:



I finished painting my objects, making sure to use more values to place emphasis on certain parts of certain objects.


STage 5:



I started to zentangle the empty space of the new painting, using triangles and circles and aspects of line to make designs.


Stage 6:


I continued to zentangle and make designs of a variety of shapes and continued to fill out the empty space around the objects.

Stage 7:



I filled out all the empty space and tried using flower designs and circular mandala designs. I tried to keep all my designs as symmetrical and proportional as I could. I also tried to keep a balance of values so that the designs were emphasized. I used harsh edges as well as curves to balance the designs out.

Overall I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I do zentangles for fun in my free time so I was ecstatic to do something I love to do outside of school as well.


3D Text


In this project of creating 3D text I used my pervious knowledge of inserting a picture into photoshop that I used for the tree scene picture and my knowledge of managing separate layers which I used for managing each of the letters of the word leaf. I learned a lot of new stuff using the 3D tool for text which I had never used before. I learned how to make letters and words into the 3D text and how to alter the position of it, the angle it is viewed at, how to add a texture or pattern to it, and how to change the light source. I used all this new knowledge to make the letters of leaf 3D and add a leafy texture to each one. I also spent a lot of time adjusting the light on each letter so that it would fit the light of the sun shining down in the picture. I made each letter in a different position and depth in the picture using the 3D tools as well. Using 3D text is a great way to change up a picture and catch people’s attention so if I ever need to do that I will use these techniques. I would use this new knowledge in the future if I have to do any advertising or any projects that involve 3D elements.

Movie Effects

storm medusataya

In this project of movie effects I brought my learning of being able to use multiple layers to combine aspects of different pictures like the rock/cliff and the sea and the clouds in the storm picture. I also brought my learning of using the paint tool to color the clouds and my knowledge of cloning parts of the picture to make it seem more realistic which I used for the cloud lighting. I also used my knowledge of brushes to use a splash brush on the rock to help the picture seem more realistic and put the lightning in the picture. For the second picture I used my previous knowledge of overlays, adjusting layers individually, making more than one picture into one, and dodging and burning. Something new that I learned was how you can free transform any picture and be able to warp it through a grid which was very helpful for the storm picture around the figure on the rock. I learned that warping can make pictures seem more realistic like adding textures to skin. Going forward I will take my new knowledge of warping to edit how certain parts of pictures look in relation to the whole and use it to create more small cool effects that add to the picture. I could also use that warp to change textures for future additions of texture to skin and surfaces.

Vector Portrait




In this project I brought all my learning of vectors, paths, filters, layers, and observation. I used my observational skills to look at the colors of the picture of Emma Watson and apply that to my learning of creating paths and vector shapes. I used my learning of being able ti change the fill of shapes and sample colors from another picture to apply to the shapes I created to form her face. I also used my knowledge of using outer and inner glow effects to her eyes especially to make it seem more 3 Dimensional. I used my knowledge of layers to layer the colored shapes to make it more realistic and similar to the picture I was referencing. I learned that vectors are super hard to manipulate when you’re referencing them a specific picture and wanting it to look exactly like something. I also learned that making the shapes flow without strong color clashes next to each other is really hard to change without adding another mediating color in between. I also learned that its extremely difficult to make vectors form into a picture and make it look exactly like a person. I learned that it takes over 600 vector shapes in my situation to create a portrait of Emma Watson which is extremely tedious. I would use this learning for future use of vectors and having to create specific people or objects using them.


Geometric Collage

geometric collage finalBefore this project I had never learned about vectors or shapes but the knowledge I brought into this project was what I know about layers that I used to layer the triangles up and how to make depth through color shades which I used by using lighter shades of triangles into darker triangles as they go up. I also knew about photoshop filters that I can apply to various layers to give them more dimension and make them less boring as just shapes which I used on all the shapes and the clipped mask with the plastic effect to make it more interesting. I brought my knowledge of clipping masks in order to clip my photo into the bottom triangle section of the collage. I learned how to make shapes using vectors and how anchor points help  to manipulate paths and adjust their curves or straight edges that can be seen in how I created all the triangles and manipulated their size and color. I learned how to fill in the shapes with different colors and apply different layer effects to the shapes like overlays and color screens to make the shapes interact with the background more instead of laying flat on it which I used on the circles that lay over the triangles. I will take this new knowledge of using vectors and shapes and manipulating them to create a bigger picture into future photoshop projects that require the use of vectors and shapes like our vector portrait project.