Vector Portrait




In this project I brought all my learning of vectors, paths, filters, layers, and observation. I used my observational skills to look at the colors of the picture of Emma Watson and apply that to my learning of creating paths and vector shapes. I used my learning of being able ti change the fill of shapes and sample colors from another picture to apply to the shapes I created to form her face. I also used my knowledge of using outer and inner glow effects to her eyes especially to make it seem more 3 Dimensional. I used my knowledge of layers to layer the colored shapes to make it more realistic and similar to the picture I was referencing. I learned that vectors are super hard to manipulate when you’re referencing them a specific picture and wanting it to look exactly like something. I also learned that making the shapes flow without strong color clashes next to each other is really hard to change without adding another mediating color in between. I also learned that its extremely difficult to make vectors form into a picture and make it look exactly like a person. I learned that it takes over 600 vector shapes in my situation to create a portrait of Emma Watson which is extremely tedious. I would use this learning for future use of vectors and having to create specific people or objects using them.


Geometric Collage

geometric collage finalBefore this project I had never learned about vectors or shapes but the knowledge I brought into this project was what I know about layers that I used to layer the triangles up and how to make depth through color shades which I used by using lighter shades of triangles into darker triangles as they go up. I also knew about photoshop filters that I can apply to various layers to give them more dimension and make them less boring as just shapes which I used on all the shapes and the clipped mask with the plastic effect to make it more interesting. I brought my knowledge of clipping masks in order to clip my photo into the bottom triangle section of the collage. I learned how to make shapes using vectors and how anchor points help  to manipulate paths and adjust their curves or straight edges that can be seen in how I created all the triangles and manipulated their size and color. I learned how to fill in the shapes with different colors and apply different layer effects to the shapes like overlays and color screens to make the shapes interact with the background more instead of laying flat on it which I used on the circles that lay over the triangles. I will take this new knowledge of using vectors and shapes and manipulating them to create a bigger picture into future photoshop projects that require the use of vectors and shapes like our vector portrait project.

Personal Landscape

personal landscape final

Before I did my personal landscape I had a considerable amount of experience with photoshop so I already knew about using and organizing layers and cutting out parts of photos to use and how to select and inverse select images and isolate parts of images. I showed this when I cut out the camera from another larger picture, increasing the size of the lens through another layer and then cutting a picture of me into the lens and using the layers to distinguish the galaxy background from the camera. I also cut out the parental advisory logo and make a separate layer to incorporate it into my landscape. I knew about adjusting the brush and eraser opacity and sizes which I used in the bottom left corner to make the camera pop out. I learned a lot of new things through this project like how to make custom brush presets after using the selection tool and I learned how to add lens flares and colored gradient filters to make the camera lens seem more realistic. I used my new knowledge of brush presets by creating my own ones by selecting what I wanted a brush of in a Harry Potter logo and the same for the Tumblr logo. The knowledge I would bring out of this is everything I learned about creating brushes because I used that a lot for this project and also adding gradients. Both of these are extremely helpful to add special touches to the image wether to make it realistic or not, they make the image more complex. The brushes I would use for projects that require me to replicate a pattern which is much more helpful than copying and pasting and the gradients I would use for projects that need that added dimension to it.